Saturday, 18 July 2009


Resolution C056 has now been passed by the house of deputies. The TEC will "collect and develop" liturgies for blessing same gender relationships. The word "design" was struck out.

Some churchy people will now speculate about what Rowan Williams will / can do about it ( er..precisely nothing, I guess - I could be wrong.)
I heard a programme a while back on Radio 4 entitled, " What's the point of the Archbishop of Canterbury." Shown a picture of the ABC, few Brits could identify him, apparently a substantial minority thought the picture was of Salman Rushdie and one or two thought he was Albus Dumbledore ...hmmm
This is for those of you who don't know the difference :

Salman Rusdie = fell foul of the forces of Islamic fundamentalism

Albus Dumbledore = pitted against the Lord of Darkness, Voldemort
Rowan Williams = struggling valiantly against the TEC,ACNA and FCA
AND they all have fairly impressive know, I can understand the confusion...

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