Saturday, 11 July 2009

Blogging from Synod!

I feel quite high tech as I am here in the coffee lounge area in Synod, blogging hot from the event. An interesting day yesterday, I reached York and found the student flat I was booked into and ( finally) located two of the people I'd been given as names to contact - we are in the same student house. Went to some a question session in Central Hall from 9 until 10 last night, quite interesting, one question about ACNA from Chris Sugden ( AM) and some stuff about encouraging new ordinands and working in youth ministry through online resources.

I have met Susan Atkins from WATCH and we are invited to a WATCH lunch on Sunday. I spent some time talking to her and others about their preparations for next February and what they will and won't vote for in terms of the legislation on women bishops. Had a curry meal last night with Colin Coward (Changing Attitude) after helping out on their stand in the evening and met Bobby Egbele, a gay guy who is over from Nigeria and has just been given a two year visa to help out in inclusive work. He faces a lot of problems in Nigeria and has told me his story.

Colin Coward on right
Bobby Egbele above.

I've just spoken to a very interesting bloke involved in child protection in the Church and picked up some leaflets etc. I also stopped at a CPAS stand - I think it stands for Churches Pastoral Advice Society, an evangelical organisation looking at leadership development and pastoral / outreach work and had a conversation with the man there about the work they do.

We are meeting up again at 1pm, but for the time being I have a bit of spare time and, as you see, have managed to find this computer. I've bought a book from the bookstall, "The God you already know" - which was recommended to me. There is free tea, coffee and biscuits, the weather is lovely, so I may go and sit on the terrace area and watch the ducks, geese and swans. (Picture of black Swan with her cygnets)


  1. You should tell Bobby's story!
    There are lots of people in traditional societies who would be able to relate to him.
    Any chance we'll see an interview soon?

  2. This is a really good idea, TAG. He told me a little, as you probably know, life is very difficult for gay people in Nigeria. I am going away on holiday in a few days but, when I get back, I will e-mail Bobby and see if he will agree to be interviewed for a blog post.

    Hope all is OK with you in Trinidad and Tobago

    Hugs and love in Christ.

  3. In a strange way Nigeria is very similar to Trinidad and Tobago and not usually in a good way. Incidentally there is a community of Nigerians here (mostly doctors and engineers).
    I am looking forward to this!
    In Christ!

  4. Hi TAG/ " A Friend"

    I think it would be interesting too, but please bear in mind that Bobby hasn't agreed yet. He said he was happy for his photo to go on my blog but, if he doesn't want more than that, I will have to respect his privacy.

    If I post on it, please let any Nigerians in Trinidad and Tobago know!

    Lot of love ((((A. Friend))))