Monday, 13 July 2009

Blogging from Synod (3)

Debate yesterday evening ( Sunday evening) on "Being Adult about Childhood" which is in response - I think- to a report or survey entitled ,"A good childhood" by the Church of England's Children's society. A range of ideas and stories were related - but I wonder how much difference the church will make to the ( increasingly difficult ?)lives of children in Britain. A motion by Alison Rouf at the end reading,
"That this Synod renew its commitment to enrich the childhood of all the children of England by helping them to discover that God loves them, is for them,and offers them friendship, purpose and fulfilment through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ"
didn't seem to go down too well and was seen by some that I spoke to as a little trite and sugary as a response.
Interesting address by the ABC on Monday morning 9.30 -10.00 following worship. He reflected on the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Jamaica and the draft of the Ridley Covenant. There were some questions about this focusing on "repentance" and some voices of frustration ( I think) at the slow pace of this document.

Am now back home and my mind is turning to HOLIDAYS and the need to pack and sort out things for sun, rest and relaxation!


  1. So you are, I hope you enjoy it - and enjoyed the synod. I told a facebook ex-Macc synod member to be nice if he met you!

  2. ps Elliot should be Eliot - both in the blog header and the favourite book list! (feel free to not approve this comment!)

    Have a good holiday


  3. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for commenting. Nobody said they had to be nice to me at Synod ( although LOTS of people were!) Thanks for picking up on the "Eliot error" - which was, of course, the deliberate mistake that us literature teachers make to check that you are paying attention...