Sunday, 12 July 2009

Blogging from Synod (2)

A busy afternoon yesterday, we went to a recording of an interview with Nigel McCulloch, the Bishop of Manchester by Premier Christian Radio. He was talking about Christianity and the media, how to manage and maximise media opportunities. There was a question session at the end and yours truly asked a question ( about how "media savvy" John Sentamu is and should the other Bishops be more like him?)

This morning we went to the service in York Minster. It was a really lovely service, a mixture of traditional ( sung liturgy) and modern (a Jamaican song introduced by the Archbishop of York.) John Sentamu also preached and it was a very good sermon, about how none of the work we do, at Church, meetings, groups or synods matters if we have not first spent time with Christ and about how that impacts on ourselves and relationships with others. Afterwards I was introduced to Rowan Williams ( I am feeling I am sounding a bit like a groupie here...) , he was very warm and welcoming.

Back to York campus and into a lunch with WATCH ( women and the Church.) Really nice food and lots of pasta and bean salads with cake or fruit for dessert. A brief meeting afterwards focused on the legislation coming up in February and what decisions should be made - a variety of opinions as to the way forward were discussed. Some interesting talk about " the theology of taint" - a new term to me.

After the WATCH lunch, Kevin, a priest I had been talking to about FCA , introduced me to Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream. He was actually very nice to me and I bought a video about the FCA conference, "Be Faithful." It was only a pound, so I couldn't really refuse.

I don't know whether to go home early tomorrow morning, so as to be there when the boys finish their sponsored walk ( about noon) or whether to go a bit later. Kev says he will be home about
2pm for the boys - but that leaves them a few hours to get up to mischief! I did want to go to the debate / discussion of the Church of England's report called "A good childhood" -but I need to see when it is on.
Picture on the right is of me, Gill and Sian in the exhibition hall, next to the Changing Attitude stall.


  1. Nice comments about ++Sentamu's media work.
    Totally agree.


  2. Hi Arun,
    Glad you liked it and thanks for commenting. If you are interested in C of E and faith stuff you should find plenty on here, so keep in touch!
    Love Sue

  3. Just realised who you are :) Thanks for commenting!