Saturday, 27 June 2009

Summer Holiday

Looking through last year's photos I found this and, along with the warm weather and the knowledge that we leave for Turkey on the 20th July has really begun to whet my appetite for our Summer holiday.
Preparing for holidays involves, for me, two dilemmas: the hunt for the perfect swimming costume and the selection of the ideal holiday reading.

The perfect swimsuit!

One of the most profound questions of modern life has to be why, with so much on offer, it is so hard to find suitable swimwear if you happen to be female and of a certain age. Said suit must offer enough support in the bust to be decent without grannyish , tummy control is desirable and you do not want to be tugging it up or down or finding the straps slide off your shoulder when you swim ( or move.) I was planning to order the aptly named "tugless tank" ( recommended by a friend) when I found this number in a local shop. It meets all the aforementioned criteria and has contributed to my holiday-good mood.

Holiday reading.

The main problem here is finding books that both myself and husband will read and the right books, the blurb, the first page and and a general instinct for what will absorb and engage and what won't is vital. Here is this year's selection:

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