Sunday, 28 June 2009

Messy Church

Our second "messy Church" service this morning, about twelve children with families turned up which was excellent - if a little noisy, but many of the regulars didn't come.

Part of the "fresh expressions" initiative, many Churches are exploring these sorts of different ways of doing Church.

Picture -Threading "tears of God"


  1. Hi Sue (Carolyn from 'fundamentals' here!)

    How interesting to see this post about 'messy church'. Peter and I have just heard about this idea, bought the books, and are thinking about ways to introduce this idea into our church here in Scotland.

    Would love to hear more about the development of this kind of Outreach in your church - it sounds fascinating (and so much fun!).

  2. Thanks for commenting, Carolyn. I'm gradually building up a bank of people who comment.This was only our second messy church service, but it did bring in quite a few families, we desperately want/ need young families - like most Churches at the moment. It is a lot of work but I think "doing church differently" is the way things have to go.

  3. Hi Sue - we are just back from holiday (and it sounds as if you'll soon be back from holiday as well)...

    How did you advertise 'messy church' to reach new families? Or were the families who came those who had marginal ties to the church already? I guess we are thinking that we'd like to both reach new families, and also some who have drifted away (or where grandparents bring the grandchildren...we thought messy church might be a way to encourage the parents to come as well).

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    I wasn't that involved in publicising it. I think there was a poster and the mother and toddler group were told and encouraged to come ( giving out a picture to crayon and getting them to bring it to the service for a prize works well.) Some people who come to family service were asked to help out - that then brings them and their kids in

    Hope that helps.

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday :)