Monday, 29 June 2009

The gift of gratitude ( A dog to walk)

I have been thinking recently about the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude. I read an article recently about how people report more and more dissatifaction with their lives and the recent death of Michael Jackson has led me to think about the often disastrous effects of all the things we are told will bring us happiness ( like fame and fortune.) So, I am aiming to post regularly on the small, everyday things that can make us feel gratitude and through which we may be "surprised by joy."

So, one of the things that fills me with joy is when I come home and a certain white, furry hound , after having en thusiastically licked every part of my face that she can get to, takes up a position at the front door with a look in her eyes that we both know says , "walk me, now!"

Walking with a dog is so much more enjoyable than on your own, not least because of the joy of bringing pleasure to a much loved animal.

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  1. Your dog is soooo cute Sue. I am going to put the daily puppy on my favourites.