Sunday, 28 June 2009


Texas - on Wednedsday 24th June "orthodox" Anglicans from the US and Canada, meeting in Dallas, announced the creation of the Anglican Church in North America, described as a "Christ centered missionary Church."

ANCA has ratified its constitution and canons and installed Bob Duncan ( below) as its "Archbishop." This, essentially dissident and schismatic body, considers itself a properly constituted church , a new province which sees itself as an "Anglican" jurisdiction in North America, as a legitimate Anglican body but not sanctioned by, nor answerable to, Canterbury.

Several English bishops are involved in, or have given their support to, ACNA. The role call includes the bishops of Lewes, Rochester, Winchester, Chichester and Chester.
The British media remains largely indifferent to this in- house squabbling ( and who can blame them.) Anyone who is interested is wondering what the ABC will do? "Very little" is the probable answer - what can he do without deepening the divisions and forcing an even greater rift? I do not think Canterbury will recognise the ACNA, there will be a "wait and see" policy. As for the English bishops, I think they are more likely to be privately reprimanded than any public action be taken.

It looks like schism and smells like schsim - but my gut feeling ( for what it's worth) is that, in retrospect, this will look more like a blip on the graph of the history of the Church, rather than anything like the events of the 16th century ( as some commentators are suggesting.) Only time will tell.

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